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View the Pre Tank Rainwater Filter System Installation instructions for the RainWatch Filter by Doust Plumbing Products.

Please note:

Provide a 150 mm relief overflow above the RainWatch Pre Tank Rainwater Filter and have a minimum relief of 150 mm from the bottom of the gutter for a continual discharge making sure that no water can enter the building. Also, ensure that the stormwater line gradient to the rainwater tanks allows for no pooling of water or water traps as described as a WET SYSTEM by other manufacturers.

Additional rainwater tanks can be interconnected from the first rainwater tank as shown at the base of the rainwater tank with a 25mm line. Naturally, all the rainwater tanks inlets and outlets (usually one overflow outlet will suffice) should be level. (shown below.)

The RAINWATCH RAINWATER TANK FILTER pack will work in all installations. However, the wet installation below is not a  recommended installation as these types of wet installations can compromise the quality of the Rainwater.



Click to download the RainWatch Pre Tank Rainwater Filter System: – Installation and Maintenance Guide