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The Rainwatch filter makes your RainWater Better.

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Water is precious.

Rainwater is caught using large runoff areas, such as roofs.

Because organic waste also settles on roofs, pollutants are also collected in water storage areas during rainy periods.

Other rainwater filters allow harmful contaminants such as rotting organic matter into the water to be broken down over time. This results in toxins appearing in the final product.

Our pre-tank filtration system means potential contaminants are denied access to your water source from the very beginning, cutting down on the need for chemicals and additional cleaning.

If you’re using your tank as a source of drinking water, the need for a post-tank sterilisation device still remains. Our pre-tank filter dramatically increases water purity so that, when you get to the end stage, there is less for your domestic filtration system to work through. It will also make your drinking water taste better.

PAH (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon) chemicals have been shown to find their way into water tanks. Exposure to these pollutants can cause skin, lung, bladder, and intestinal cancer; lung function abnormalities, chronic bronchitis, decreased immune function, nausea and vomiting.

With our pre-tank filter, you can remove these harmful pollutants before they reach storage areas and pumps, resulting in a cleaner, healthier water supply and a reduction in time and money spent on maintenance.

If protecting your water source and cutting down on maintenance is important to you, click on purchase now or feel free to contact us for more information!

Protect your rainwater.

Filter out the harmful contaminants before they have a chance to settle and decay in your rainwater tank.